General Group information

Group intakes are required to determine level of care, client needs, and to screen group appropriateness. Group intakes cost $75.  Intakes are required so I can understand your individual background and needs before you begin group. Free 15 minute consultations are available via phone call. Book here

All groups are maxed out at 8 members to ensure that there is quality attention to the group. 

Groups are 60 minutes each session. 

All groups are for adults only ages 18+ 

Read below for more information about the groups I offer.

Metal For Mental Health

Calling all metal heads looking for a group who shares your love for metal and are also looking to sharpen their coping skills. I will lead the group using metal and mindfulness based therapy practices  to aid in your overall wellness. 

This group will meet in person or online depending on survey answers in intake.  This will be a 12 session group which meets biweekly. So this group will span over 24 weeks. 

Fee: $50

This group is for people who want to connect with other individuals and engage in skills to help release and manage stress in your daily life.  This group involves a bit of processing but is not for individuals with high mental health needs. This is more for people who need accountability and support in engaging in skills to promote the mind, body, emotional, spiritual, etc connection that helps manage stress.  

This group will meet in person. The group will meet weekly and a second group will meet monthly for 60 minutes. 

Weekly: TBD

Monthly:  First Tuesday of the month at noon 

Fee: $50