Monthly Stress Release Group

Are you a busy indivudial who is trying to make time to take better care of yourself? Here is the excuse to take at least one hour a month to mangane your stress.

This group is for people who want to connect with other individuals and engage in skills to help release and manage stress in your daily life.  This group involves a bit of processing but is not for individuals with high mental health needs. This is more for people who need accountability and support in engaging in skills to promote the mind, body, emotional, spiritual etc., connection that helps manage stress.  

This group meets monthly on the First Tuesday of the month at noon.   The fee is $50

An intake appointment is required for new clients before attending the group. Intake appointments are one on one sessions where I gather information, assess your level of need, assess your group approtiatemness, answer your questions, and review documentation. The intake fee is $75