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Counseling Approach

Counseling is not one size fits all. All clients have unique needs and preferences for their health and wellness care. It's okay to not "click" with every therapist or to advocate for yourself to a therapist you do click with. My approach is centered around seeing each client as a whole person with needs that are interwoven and affected by all areas of life. Through holistic counseling, we not only tackle mental health but we will take a look at other areas of life as well. Our aim is to heal and find balance in life.

At the heart of my approach is integrative mental health which I complement with mindfulness-based practices and the creative arts.

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My Specialties

Population Specialties

Millenials in the helping professionas such as teachers, nurses, doctors, police offices, therapist,

Teens and adults on the Autism Spectrum


Therapeutic Area Specialties

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Grief: including bereavement of people and animals; losses and changes in life and within oneself

Trauma: including abuse; neglect; Christian trauma; cultural trauma


New Client Phone Inquiry: Free 15 min. Check my about me to see if we are a good fit

Intake Session: $150 initial session with level of care assessment. Click here to learn more about inakes.

Individual Session: $150 per session limited amount of sliding scale fees available

Group Counseling Intake: $75

Group Counseling: Sessions: $50- $75 Varies based on type of group

Client Consultation: $25 must be previously scheduled with counselor

Professional Presentations: starting at $50 for 30 minutes**

Records Requests: $50 for the first 75 pages; $1 per page after 75 pages

No Show and Late Cancelation Policy: I am invested in your wellness and am dedicated to our time together. A late cancelation policy / No Show fee of $50 will be charged if I am not given a minimum of 24 hour notice.

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** Counselor may be contacted via email for presentations inquiry


I only accept private pay. However, I can provide you with a superbill to present to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

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