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My Specialties

I work with professionals who are highly stressed; working through resurfacing emotional,mental, social hang ups; or dealing with life transitions. I will coach you through skills that help you manage emotions and stress. I also offer skills to build or maintain thriving relationships with yourself and the world around you. Together, we will find healing, hope, and harmony through mind, body, spirit, and more.

Population Specialties

Adults in professional careers such as educators, nurses, doctors, police officers, therapists, Lawyers, Analyst, Scientists, etc.

People of color


Therapeutic Area Specialties

High stress, Anxiety Disorders, Life transitions, grief, Church hurt


New Client Phone Inquiry: Free 15 min. Check my about me to see if we are a good fit

Initial session (Intake Session): $150 initial session with level of care assessment. Click here to learn more about inakes.

Individual Session: $150 per session limited amount of sliding scale fees available

Group Counseling screening/Intake: $75 - 30 minutes

Group Counseling: Sessions: $50- $75 Varies based on type of group

Client Phone Coaching Session: $25 must be previously scheduled with counselor

Professional Presentations: starting at $50 for 30 minutes**

Records Requests: $50 for the first 75 pages; $1 per page after 75 pages

No Show and Late Cancelation Policy: I am invested in your wellness and am dedicated to our time together. A late cancelation policy / No Show fee of $50 will be charged if no contact is made 24+ hours of your scheduled appointment.

Click here to read about sliding scale rates (reduced fee rates)

** Melisa Arroyo may be contacted via email for presentations inquiry


I only accept private pay. However, I can provide you with a superbill to present to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Click here to find out more about superbills.