Individual Counseling

Counseling is not one size fits all. All clients have unique needs and preferences for their health and wellness care. It's okay to not "click" with every therapist you meet. Having a solid therapeutic relationship is essential to productive counseling. At the foundation of therapy is trust, understanding, and compassion.

Therapy is also not forever. The amount of sessions you'll attend is dependant on your needs and commitment to attend sessions. The average amount of sessions attended are about 12 sessions. My goal as a therapist to inspire hope, collaborate in healing and help find harmony so that you can feel confident to journey on you own again.

My approach is centered around seeing each client as a whole person with needs that are interwoven and affected by all areas of life. At the heart of my approach is integrative mental health which I complement with mindfulness-based practices and the creative arts.

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My Specialties

Population Specialties

Adults in professional careers such as educators, nurses, doctors, police officers, therapists, Lawyers, Analylist, Scientists, etc.

People of color


Therapeutic Area Specialties

High stress, Anxiety Disorders, Life transitions, grief, Church hurt